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The outside area of Angla Tuulikumäe is open on business days from 10:00 to 17:00
We offer nice island-like drinks and oven-hot pies for the trip. You are welcome with joy!

Heritage center is closed until 25 Aprill 2021.



(about 40 km from Kuressaare and 25 km from Kaali meteorite craters)

We accept reservations on a daily basis.
Telephone: +372 5199 0265; E-mail: angla@kylastuskeskus.ee

OPEN  2021:

01.September to 30.September   10.00-18.00
01.October to 30. April           10.00-17.00
01. May  to  31. August          09.00-20.00.


For about hundred years Angla Windmill Park can be characterised by four wind-operated grinding mills with turnable tower. One of the four windmill - Vilido windmill was reconsturcted in 2009 and uses the wind power for grinding flour. The miller of the windmill is very kind. If the visitor wishes, he can take the flour ground with him in a small package. In addition to the post mills, there is also a Dutch windmill with turnable tower. In summer 2010 an exposition introducing the local history and agriculture will be presented in the mill. Each person visiting the windmill can taste caraway and herb tea, pan bread or meat bread very common to the island.


The Heritage Culture Centre of Angla Windmill Park will be open from June 2011. Guests can learn traditional handicraft skills, participate in events introducing Estonian national culture and taste rye bread made in Angla.


Telephone: +372 5199 0265; E-mail: angla@kylastuskeskus.ee

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